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Server Software Engineer



我的Github是: Github David.

我的Timus OJ是: Timus OJ David Yin[ECUPL].

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David Yin

时间 公司/大学
2013.11-Now 百度(中国)有限公司, SDE
2012.02-2013.10 微创-微软外包, SDET

Server Software Engineer
Focused on internet search/platform/crawler/data mining

This will be a short introduce about the website owner and the words I want to say about the website alive. Currently I work as a software engineer in Baidu China. Focused on java develop and system design. Glad to share the solutions of problems and the thoughts of system designs with you guys. Let’s forge to develiver a wholly new world and together persuit a better tomorrow. Finally the website is alive, be wild and be strong, across the wall, we can reach anywhere we want in the world. :)

Hope the blogs are helpful to you.

My github is: Github David.

If you have any question, just comment under the artical or contact via e-mail: Mail to Yin Haomin

David Yin

Time Commpany/University
2013.11-Now Baidu(China) Inc., SDE
2012.02-2013.10 Wicresoft-Microsoft Outsource, SDET
2008.09-2012.07 East China University of Political Science and Law, Computer Science and Technology